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About us

#WarmingWorld is a non-partisan global coalition of individuals who use their social voices to make the world aware of climate change. Learn more

Sharing high-impact posts

We work with the broader community of advocates, influencers, non-profits and specialists to source content that brings awareness to climate change.

Community driven

We are constantly looking for insightful and high-impact content to share. Anyone can suggest content to be distributed through Facebook, Twitter or by including #WarmingWorld in your posts.

High impact distribution

Each week, a post will be shared on opted-in member's selected social media account(s). Members can opt-out of sharing a specific post or cancel sharing any future posts at anytime.

The snowball effect

Each post helps to recruit new members to join our coalition, making us reach more and more people. This will make Warming World an even louder megaphone to communicate climate change information to the world.

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Meet the latest users who are using their voices to spread climate change awareness