Jimmy Kimmel talks about climate change and the confusing political argument that has emerged around it. Some politicians still want us to believe it’s all a hoax, so he asked for the help of real climate scientists to clear some things up.

If are still not sure about the facts, check out these 10 most common climate change denier arguments debunked below:

  • 1

    "Climate’s changed before"

    Climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time; humans are now the dominant forcing. Read more

  • 2

    "It’s the sun"

    In the last 35 years of global warming, sun and climate have been going in opposite directions. Read more

  • 3

    "It’s not bad"

    Negative impacts of global warming on agriculture, health & environment far outweigh any positives. Read more

  • 4

    "There is no consensus"

    97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming. Read more

  • 5

    "It’s cooling"

    The last decade 2000-2009 was the hottest on record. Read more

  • 6

    "Models are unreliable"

    Models successfully reproduce temperatures since 1900 globally, by land, in the air and the ocean. Read more

  • 7

    "Temp record is unreliable"

    The warming trend is the same in rural and urban areas, measured by thermometers and satellites. Read more

  • 8

    "Animals and plants can adapt"

    Global warming will cause mass extinctions of species that cannot adapt on short time scales. Read more

  • 9

    "It hasn’t warmed since 1998"

    Every part of the Earth’s climate system has continued warming since 1998, with 2015 shattering temperature records. Read more

  • 10

    "Antarctica is gaining ice"

    Satellites measure Antarctica losing land ice at an accelerating rate. Read more

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Most recent climate change news

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